Danish Language course – often asked questions

Danish Language course – often asked questions

Hej, jeg hedder Bozena. Hyggelit at møde dig.

My name is Bozena. Nice to meet you.

Would like to share that

we organise Danish Language Course for doctors in the recruitment process: twice a year – in Spring and in Autumn. To start the course you need to speak English at least at B2 Level (except for key requirements for doctors).

Course lasts 5 months, but there is a possibility for a brief preparatory teaching (via Skype) before the start of the official course. The 5 months course will be followed by a 2 weeks long Skype training which is an additional training in terminology and language use within each candidate´s specialization.

We strive to build up a sufficient and effective mixture of different elements, to provide a good and solid teaching while making the language learning enjoyable and practically as well as professionally relevant.

How  it works?

Teaching includes many different elements e.g. grammar, language use, cultural information, text production, listening exercises and pronunciation practice. Candidates receive pronunciation training 2-3 times a week with native speakers.  In addition, they get individual extra lessons, if their progress requires so.

We provide all the support for candidates in order to make sure they can learn Danish at the proper level, however, candidates also need to work hard. Besides teaching at the campus, there will always be homework for the next lessons, which would take approximately 3 hours of extra preparation besides the classroom teaching.

We realise candidates needs to rest from learning and usually we organize events and out-going activities for the candidates to ensure a pleasurable and refreshing experience.

What is a must?

Candidates need to attend at least 85% of the classes, hand in at least 85% assignments, write at least 85% of the tests, and pass all exams (it is obligation based on the contract).

I failed …

If a candidate fails the exam, there is a possibility to do a re-take of the exam and we also provide extra classes for the candidate to make sure that the second round will be a success. The candidate’s, the hospital’s and also our interest is that the candidate passes the exams and learns Danish, so we provide all the help we can. If candidate cannot pass the exams despite several attempts and extra classes, hospital – employer has the right to terminate the contract.

We are recruiting doctors to Denmark since 2007 and 93% of all our candidates have successfully accomplished the Course and passed exams.

Listen to a three minute lesson from DanishClass101.com

Try your Danish!

New Job Offers in MAY- DENMARK

New Job Offers in MAY- DENMARK

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Apply immediately! Send your CV